31 May 2017, World No Tobaccao Day Celebration

National Alliance Tobacco Control Celebrate World No Tobacco Day in Dili 31 May 2017. In Collaboration With Ministry of Health, World Health Organisation, Seventh Day Adventist Church Mission in Timor Leste, Saun Paulo Secondary Students Band Group and other CSO national and International.

First national conference of the Alliance in November 2014

Since founded in November 2014 by Many Hands International, CNJTL and YUCP, National Alliance of Tobacco Control has conducted a number of tobacco control activities. In October 2014 until January 2015 a number of activities have been implemented, includes a survey of opinion leader to the district government officials in Lautem about whether tobacco is a priority issue to set a policy for its prevention strategy. This activity was followed by dialogue in district government level which was attended by hundreds of high school students and teachers. This activity drew the attention of the district government and the students and teachers about the strategy that should be placed to protect young people not to take up smoking and offer help smokers who have been addicted.

A national conference was held in Dili in November 2014 at Delta Nova Comoro where the meeting was attended by representatives of World Heath Organisation and the Department of NCD ministries of health, Professor John Toumbourou health promotion expert from Deakin University Australia, a number of local NGOs and International and Academics. This activity encourages both government and non-governmental organizations to take concrete steps to get involved in addressing issue of tobacco use in Timor Leste.


National Alliance committed to international commitment CSO NCD

In July 2015 Thomas Lopes, Sancho, And Euklidis were invited by WHO South East Asia Region to India to attend an international conference on the theme of strengthening the role of the civil society organization in addressing non communicable diseases in South East Asia Region country. Purpose of the meeting is to increase the role and awareness of CSO to collaborate with the government of member states in addressing the increasing trend of NCD risk factors that cause the higher prevalence of morbidity and mortality rates of NCD related in SEAR country.


National Alliance Launch in November 2015

November 2015 was a historic day for the National Alliance because at this time a network of national organizations formally and unanimously founded and celebrated. This organization is committed to work in the years ahead in combating NCDs through the organized National Alliance of Tobacco control. A strategic plan was signed by the organization's members were subsequently guiding advocating and work principle of community health with a vision of East Timor free of disease and death caused by smoking and tobacco smoke.


The Alliance is nominated Mr Prime Minister Rui Araujo for SEAR World Health Organisation Award for his outstanding support to tobacco eradication in East Timor

Prime Minister Talked about Tobacco Problems

The Alliance is nominated Mr Prime Minister Rui Araujo for SEAR World Health Organisation Award for his outstanding support to tobacco eradication in East Timor. 

Please click the link to go to the news http://www.thediliweekly.com/tl/notisias/13878-oms-entrega-no-tabacco-award-ba-pm-tl-singh-motiva-timoroan-livre-husi-uzus-tabaku#.WKHyI5UYXFU.link 


National Alliance of Tobacco Control Timor-Leste (NATC-TL) commemorated “World No Tobacco Day (WNTD)” at 31 May 2016. All the Alliance members come together celebrate WNTD, the member are ; NGO Belun Ba Comunidade, ESPADA foundation, NGO FMH, NGO HFTL, NGO UJPC, NGO FDT, Creative Children Timor Leste and support by World Health Organisation.

NATC organize WNTD at the Largo de Lecidere. Participated by Students from Elemantary , secondary and universities students.  Activities includes:

  1. Free tobacco walking from Jardim 5 de Maiu to Largo de Lecidere,
  2. Press conference, call for policy action to government and other UN development agency in Timor Leste
  3. Cultural activities includes: cultural dance, bridge dance, poetry, and drama: from Sanggar Haburas ond other art performer club


  • WNTD 2016

    Esmeralda M. Lopes, student from ANNUR Secondary School demonstrated her message to students of ANNUR to stop smoking "because smoking can cause illness and will kill your body, students should be a good example to one and another.”

  • WNTD 2016

    Regina Rosalia Amaral, student from University f Oriental (UNITAL) deliver message at WNTD celebration day to the publics and particularly to the students . She explained “Timor-Leste is one of the higher percent of male smoker in the ASEAN because of unconsciousness that’s why I love to recommend to the smokers please don’t smoke in the public because it will be cause to other people that not smoke”.


    NATC-TL organized Long March with participant of NATC members and representative of students and university students from Jardim 5 de Maio to Largo de Lecidere and demonstrated 3 posters with message to the public such as: 1. Tobacco causes illness, high blood pressure, heart attack, cancers, abort and diabetes, 2. Don’t smoke inside the car, restaurants, gardens and public places to minimize passive smoke and, 3. Let’s protect children, youths and pregnant women from smoke of cigarette


    Mr. Mateus Lemos, Read the statement that brought message about danger of tobacco to the public and recommend to the government of Timor-Leste to rise up taxes for tobacco and also to engage the participation of government in Timor-Leste for combating tobacco in Timor-Leste


On 20-25 June NATC represented by Mr. Sancho was invited by The Union Singapore through WHO country office Timor-Leste to attend Leadership program for tobacco control at Nyi Pi Taw Myanmar. The objective of the programs is to:

  1. Strengthening skills in program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, strategic communication, and advocacy;
  2. Applying principles and teories of leadership and best practices in tobacco control to address country-specific issues and challenges;
  3. Enhancing leadership and networking skills to affect policy development and implementation; and,
  4. Engaging with enhancing collaboration among a wide range of partners in the tobacco control movement


National Alliance for Tobacco Control (NATC) thorough Socialization and lunch free smoke zone also lunch small fund project namely Tobacco Control Advocacy Fund (TCAF) in 2016. The objective of TCAF is to enabling organisation members activities includes socialization, rise community awareness about danger of tobacco smoking, lunch free smoke zone in public places organized by organisation members of NATC. The project supported by Deakin University in partnership with Minister of Health (MoH), World Health Organization (WHO) Many Hands International and others stakeholders such as Municipal Authority, Local Leader, and CBOs. This collaboration aims to mobilise contribution to minimize mortality and morbidity in relation with tobacco epidemic in Timor Leste

TCAF carried out in 4 municipals include; Municipal Liquica, organized by organization Youth Unity for Community progress (YUCP), Municipal Aileu organized by: organization Rural Youth Action (RYA) and collaboration with organization BBC and FBD, Municipal Lautem organized by Sub Commisaun Justica e Paz (SCJP) collaborate with Esperansa Lorosa’e (ELSA) and Municipal Dili organized by East Timor Patria Libertation Founation (ESPADA) together with Dili Youth Council.


  • National orientation workshop to Alliance OCS Members on TB and NCD

    In July 2016 Alliance conducted orientation workshop to Civil Society Organisation Members and readiness to implements its strategic action plan


    31-2 September, Motivational interview to quit trial group meeting. this program is in collaboration with Hampton Rotary Club of Melbourne Australia


    Create groups of smoker thorough motivational interview to smoker and invite them to participate in saving money meeting trial


    Organization Sub Commission Justice e Peace (SCJP) with collaboration with organization Esperansa Lorosa’e (ELSA) organizeD awareness campaign on warn agriculture students on the danger of tobacco smoking. This was participated by student more than 200 secondary school students, teachers, and guest speakers include representatives Minister of Health (MoH) Municipal delegation, Delegation of Minister of Education


    Anti tobacco campaign to Fuiloro Agriculture students at Fuiloro Agriculture School


    Organisation RYA collaboration with organisation BBC and FBD organized workshop on tobacco control and strategic of prevention for subnational leaders in Aileu, this was participated by representative of President of Municipal Aileu, NCD focal point Minister of Health (Moh), Local Leaders, university students and CBOs and OSC


    Organization Youth Unity for Community Progress organised workshop on tobacco control and strategic of prevention in Municipal Liquica in 20 October 2016 to the subnational leaders in municipalities,this was participated by President of Municipal, Local Leaders, police force, teachers, students and Minister of Health Municipals Delegation


    Organization East Timor Patria Liberation collaborated with Dili Youth Council (DYC) organized workshop on tobacco control and strategic of prevention to the municipals leaders in Dili in 16 November 2016, this was participated by representative president of Municipal Dili, PNTL, Local Leader, CBOs, University students, OSC, CNJTL and speakers by World Health Organization (WHO), Minister of Health (MoH)


    Organization Belun ba Comunidade (BBC) organizeD half day awareness activities on warm danger of Tobacco to the junior high school EBC das Flores in municipal Aileu participated by NATC national secretariat, Director of , school teachers and students


    Organization Belun ba Comunidade (BBC) organize half day awareness activities about warm danger of Tobacco to the senior high school technical vocational municipal Aileu participated by NATC national secretariat, Director , school teachers and students


    Organization Belun ba Comunidade (BBC) organize half day awareness activities about warm danger of Tobacco to the junior high school municipal Aileu participated by NATC national secretariat, Director of , school teachers and students

The Alliance Hosting a First Annually Assembly “To evaluate Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges”

NATC organize first annual assembly in November 2016. The activities was held in Dili together with the organisation members. This annual assembly is organized with the theme “Evaluate Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges”. The objectives of this assembly was to evaluate what work and what doesn't. Actiities using SWOT analysis tools to ensure future direction of the Alliance activities on tobacco control and to highlight strength and opportunity. Financial expenditure to the projects ware reported to the organisation members. Activities also includes launch new actions plans for 2017-2019. This assembly was participated by World Health Organisation Non Communicable Diseases vocal point (WHO-Timor Leste) Mr. Leonito Pinto Soares and Prof John W Toumbourou, PhD. Head of School of Psychology Deakin University ( http://www.deakin.edu.au/about-deakin/people/john-toumbourou), Director of Community That Care Australia (CTC) https://www.communitiesthatcare.org.au/about-us/people/john-toumbourou.

Launch Free Smoke Zone

7 November 2017 ANCT-TL in collaboration with CNJTL organized Launch Free Smoke Zone at CNJTL Compound. Supported by Deakin University, World Health Organization-WHO and Many Hands International-MHI.

  • Talk Show in RTTL

    On 12 February 2018, ANCT-TL organized talk show in Radio and Television of Timor-Leste (RTTL) to talk about "Youth With A Voice on No Tobacco Event and Strengthening tobacco law in Timor-Leste" the speakers were from World Health Organization (WHO) Mr. Leonito Pinto, Youth Parliament Ms. Elizabeth and Aliansa Nacional Controlo Tabaco (ANCT-TL) Mr. Sancho. This event was collaborated with Alumni of Youth Parliament and support by, WHO, MHI, 2WJ and VSA.

  • Long March of No Tobacco to celebrate Valentine Day

    On 14 of February 2018, Aliansa Nacional Controlo Tabaku Timor-Leste (ANCT-TL) with students from Health Faculty of UNTL, UNPAZ, Public Health Student’s Association (AESTL), S-CJP, ELSA, students from Finantil and Youths, hold long march of no tobacco and submitted petition to the Minister of Commerce and Industry (MCI), Vice Minister of Health (MdS) and accompany by Vice President of National Parliament (PN) and the representative from World Health Organization (WHO) from South East Asia Region (SEARO) also World Health Organization Timor-Leste included other international partnership. Objective of this petition is to ask relevant ministries to strengthening tobacco law to prohibit sale of tobacco to the children under 17 and banning to sale single cigarette to the costumer. Together say no to tobacco in Timor-Leste!

  • Promote Quit Training Activity

    On 12 April 2018, ANCT-TL promotes a project offering help tobacco cessation (Quit Training), as a program that we implement to apply the convention of tobacco control which Timor-Leste ratified in 2004. We consider that smoker that have smoking for long time are very difficult to quit smoke due to the consequence that in fact they are addictive to tobacco, although they have try hard to quit. So, we provide a solution through design this project to help addictive smoker to prevent them from tobacco harmful and from all of tobacco cost and to take action from now to prevent youths from using tobacco in early age.

  • Tobacco Quit Training to World Vision's Staff

    On 12 April 2018 ANCT-TL work together with World Vision in offering help tobacco cessation to World Vision’s staff. This training held during 3 days and facilitate by Sancho Fernandes and Bonifacio Lopes from ANCT-TL. This training will end up with launching a free smoke board in the participants’ house in order to promote their family free from tobacco.

  • Socialization of harmful of tobacco to Administration and Hospitality students in STVJ

    On 3rd May 2018 ANCT-TL work together with STVJ implement socialization of harmful of tobacco to people’s health for hospitality and administration students.
    The objective is to increase student’s knowledge about the impact of tobacco to their health. In this occasion the Director of STVJ Norberto said “Timorese smoke a lot, and smoke everywhere, due to lack of conscious to their health, therefore this activity will help in expand the information to the students to aware with the tobacco issue.
    Together we say NO to tobacco and YES to a healthy life.

  • ANCT-TL work with Timor-Leste Mission (TLM) conduct a tobacco cessation in Atauro

    ANCT-TL work together with organization Timor-Leste Mission (TLM) conduct tobacco cessation program through community visit in Post Administrative Atauro, Villa to help quit smoke and encourage them to save money.
    Aim to commemorate World No Tobacco Day on 31 of May 2018 ANCT organized this activity with objective to change community perspective in knowing the harmful of tobacco to their health.
    Through this program ANCT-TL did a motivational interviewed to 20 smokers which is youth and adult.
    Together say NO to tobacco in Timor-Leste!

  • ANCT-TL celebrate World No Tobacco Day in 2018

    Celebrate world no tobacco day 2018 in Timor-Leste!
    Tobacco damages your heart, choose health not tobacco.
    Say NO to tobacco in Timor-Leste!

  • ANCT-TL conduct a campaign program on harmful of tobacco to students and distribute material of campaign

    ANCT-TL collaborate with Public Health Students Association (AESTL) on the program; socialization harmful of tobacco to youth and students.
    After implement regular in basic school no. 3 Fatumeta and 4 de Setembro, today ANCT-TL also distribute material of campaign for the next campaign planning in school 5 de Maio and 12 de Novembro Becora.
    Globally tobacco kills billion people every year.
    Together say NO to tobacco in Timor-Leste!

  • Campaign Program

    ANCT-TL collaborate with Public Health Student Association (AESTL) on the program; socialization harmful of tobacco to youth and students, aim to increase student’s knowledge about the impact of tobacco to their health.
    This activity participated by; Director of School, Manager of ANCT-TL including coordinator of AESTL and its own member.

Campaign anti tobacco program to students in Ermera

On 3rd of August, ANCT organize a seminar talk about “harmful of using tobacco to people’s health” in school Nino Coni Santana Ermera. The activity participated by 60 students including teachers. ANCT also distributed 60 poster anti smoke to the students.

Smoke kill us, say NO to tobacco in Timor-Leste!

Testimony of former smokers whom have participated in quit smoking program

The fourth of former smokers encourage their fellow youth to quit smoke and to protect their health.

Congratulations to them!

Meeting with Director Of Health Care of Health Ministry

On 9th of October 2018, General Director of Health Care Dr. Odete Viegas (DGPS) does a meeting with ANCT, Dr. Helder Juvinal from NCDs team in Palacio das Cinzas office, Caicoli Dili. The purpose of this meeting is to talk about tobacco controlling to the retailer in which could minimize tobacco in market.  “The ministry of health need to controlling  tobacco due to lot of tobacco costumers and many retailer still not comply to the rules also majority children in minority still consume tobacco”. Said DGPS.

Ministry of health have plan to realized a meeting with the retailer  to not promotes tobacco products.

Workshop "Retailer Comply to Decree law 14/2016 Regime of Tobacco Control"

Photo credit: World Health Organization Timor-Leste

On 21st of November 2018, ANCT organized a workshop “retailer comply to decree law 14/2016 Regime of tobacco control”. The purpose of this workshop is to increase retailer’s knowledge and to train retailer to practice on implementing law of selling cigarettes in their kiosk and store.

Talk show in Radio and Television of Timor-Leste

On 18th of Desember 2018 ANCT Timor-Leste organized an interactive discussion in RTTL to talk about implementing Decree law 14/2016, Regime on tobacco control “merchants, distributor and importer tobacco product”. Panelist to the interactive debate was from: Ministry of Health, AIFAESA and Customs.

Supported by: World Health Organization Timor-Leste

Talk show of Multi Sectoral Action Plan to NCDs Focuss on Tobacco Control in Radio and Television of Timor-Leste (RTTL)

At 25th of January 2019, ANCT-TL organize talk show of multi sectoral action plan to Non Communicable Disease focuss on tobacco control 2018-2019. The talk show participated by: Ministry of Health, world Health Organization and National Commision to Childrens Right.

Supported by: World Health Organization

  • General Annual Assembly

    ANCT-TL hold a general annual assembly in 21 & 22 of March to discuss about strategy plan of ANCT for 2019 incorporating with multi sectoral integrated action plan to control non communicable disease and the national politics of youth.
    The activity participated by National Director of Youth Mr. David Tomas de Deus, WHO Mr. Leonito Pinto, and Ministry of Health Dr. Helder Juvinal and 10 members of ANCT-TL from 8 municipalities.
    This activity supported by: WHO and MHI

  • Sign Memorandum Of Understanding With Secretary State Of Youth-Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

    ANCT-TL in this year starts to work with Secretary state of youth and sport-SEJD/Ministry Education to implement program: “sensibilization harmful of tobacco to youth”. This program realize based on the National Youth Policy purpose link to health. This program will realize in July-December.
    Thank you for your reliance SEJD

  • Meeting With the Enforcement Agencies

    The discussion on the implementation of tobacco control regime according to Decree law No. 14/2016 has progressed as expected with the commitment of the General Commander of PNTL along with the collaboration of DNTT, AIFAESA, Ministry of Health, WHO, ANCT and the different units of Police, all in the same interest that is to implement the Tobacco Control Law and achieve the reduction of smokers in Timor-Leste and its consequences to Public Health.

  • Launch free smoke place zone in Barry’s Place

    Commemorate World No Tobacco Day 31 May 2019
    ANCT-TL launch free smoke place zone in Barry’s Place, Atauro 31 May 2019
    Director Balamba and Barry also encourage all the dirigents guest gouse, hotel, others 19 home stay to launch their places as free smoke zone also.
    ANCT will continue work with them to achieve goal.
    The acitivty realized with support from Many Hands International and World Health Organization.